Armor protects a character (usually by increasing armor class, but magical armor , helms, and shields may also provide other benefits). Armor is worn in the armor slot, shields are worn in the shield slot, and helmets are worn in the helmet slot of the inventory screen. There are several types of armor in the Neverwinter Nights universe: light armor, medium armor, heavy armor, clothing, helmets, and shields.

Name Armor Class Arcane Spell Failure Armor check penalty Max Dex Bonus
Light armor
Padded armor15%08
Leather armor210%06
Hide armor320% -14
Studded leather armor320% -14
Medium armor
Chain shirt420% -24
Scale mail420% -24
Breastplate530% -52
Chainmail530% -52
Heavy armor
Banded mail640% -71
Splint mail640% -71
Half plate740% -71
Full plate845% -81
Small Shield15% -1 -
Large Shield215% -2 -
Tower Shield350% -10 -
Helm00%0 -