The character knows how to create most types of weapons and ammunition from different materials.

  • Check: Based on the difficulty to craft this particular item (see in-game crafting menu)
  • Use: Use crafting component


  • Requires Hordes of the Underdark.
  • This skill cannot craft magical weapons by default.
  • If a player has a modified score of 6 points in craft weapon or craft armor, skeletons will drop the "large bone" item when killed. Using craft weapon, these can be turned into bone wands which can then be used with the Craft Wand feat. Also, other creatures/placeables will drop base crafting material with this modified score.
  • Costs, crafting difficulty classes, and components required for each weapon:
Weapon/Crafted ItemCrafting DCCost (gp)Components
Elmwood Bow Shaft145Plank of Elm Wood
Iron Bands101Bar of Iron
Iron Chain122Bar of Iron
Iron Hammer1310Bar of Iron
Iron Orb122Bar of Iron
Iron Spikes111Bar of Iron
Large Steel Blade1310Bar of Steel
Leather Strings111Leather Hide
Oaken Crossbow Shelf1410Plank of Oak Wood
Oaken Pole122Plank of Oak Wood
Oaken Weapon Grip122Plank of Oak Wood
Projectile Shaft111Plank of Elm Wood
Small Steel Blade125Bar of Steel
Steel Axe Head122Bar of Steel
Steel Weapon Hilt103Bar of Steel
Arrows (20x)131Projectile Shaft, Feathers
Bastard sword1735Steel Weapon Hilt, Large Steel Blade
Battleaxe1520Steel Weapon Hilt, Steel Axe Head
Bolts (20x)131Projectile Shaft, Feathers
Club111Plank of Elm Wood
Club102Plank of Oak Wood
Club101Oaken Pole, Iron Bands
Dagger121Oaken Weapon Grip or Steel Weapon Hilt, Small Steel Blade
Dire mace1940Oaken Pole, Iron Orb
Double axe1930Oaken Pole, Steel Axe Head
Dwarven waraxe1730Steel Weapon Hilt, Steel Axe Head
Greataxe1740Steel Weapon Hilt, Steel Axe Head
Greatsword1750Steel Weapon Hilt, Large Steel Blade
Halberd1710Oaken Pole, Large Steel Blade
Handaxe136Oaken Weapon Grip, Steel Axe Head
Heavy crossbow1750Oaken Crossbow Shelf, Leather String
Heavy flail1515Oaken Weapon Grip, Iron Chain
Kama152Oaken Weapon Grip, Small Steel Blade
Katana1740Steel Weapon Hilt, Large Steel Blade
Kukri178Oaken Weapon Grip, Small Steel Blade
Light crossbow1535Oaken Crossbow Shelf, Leather String
Light flail138Oaken Weapon Grip, Iron Chain
Light hammer121Steel Weapon Hilt, Iron Hammer Head
Longbow1575Elmwood Bow Shaft, Leather String
Longsword1515Steel Weapon Hilt, Large Steel Blade
Mace135Oaken Weapon Grip, Iron Orb
Morningstar158Oaken Weapon Grip, Iron Orb
Quarterstaff101Oaken Pole, Iron Bands
Rapier1720Oaken Weapon Grip, Small Steel Blade
Scimitar1515Steel Weapon Hilt, Large Steel Blade
Scythe1717Oaken Pole, Large Steel Blade
Shortbow1330Elmwood Bow Shaft, Leather String
Shortsword1310Steel Weapon Hilt, Small Steel Blade
Sling121Leather Hide
Spear131Oaken Pole, Small Steel Blade
Throwing axes (10x)131Oaken Weapon Grip, Steel Axe Head
Two-bladed sword19100Oaken Pole, Large Steel Blade
Warhammer1312Oaken Weapon Grip, Iron Hammer Head
Whip1720Oaken Weapon Grip, Leather String
Bone Wand1310Large Bone
Ironwood Club15650Ironwood Planks
Ironwood Quarterstaff15650Ironwood Planks