A saving throw is a measure of a creature's resistance to special types of attacks or effects. If successful, ill effects or damage are reduced or negated.

Making a throw Edit

save = d20 + specific base save + ability modifier for base save + bonuses from items (equipped), feats, and effects. Furthermore, the bonus from spellcraft is added if the save is against a spell.

  • The throw is made against the DC of the attack or effect.
    • If the throw's value is equal to or greater than the DC, the throw is successful.
    • If the the value is less than the DC, the throw has failed.
  • A d20 roll of 20 is automatic success, and a d20 roll of 1 is automatic failure.
  • The only immunities that grant an auto-success to all saving throws of their type are for disease, fear, mind spells, poison, and traps (typically immunities give protection against certain effects, rather than impacting a saving throw).

Example Edit

For example, a character triggers an average tangle trap. The DC to avoid the effect is 25 and the required save type is reflex.

  • The character rolls a d20, adds the reflex base save, adds the dexterity modifier, and lastly adds any bonuses that would affect this saving throw.
  • If the saving throw:
    • is greater than or equal to 25, the character avoids the trap's slow effect.
    • is less than 25, the character is slowed.
  • If the character's d20:
    • rolled a 20, then the throw succeeds, even if the sum of the base save, ability modifier, and bonuses is less than 25.
    • rolled a 1, then the throw fails, even if the sum of the base save, ability modifier, and bonuses is greater or equal to 25.

Throws for spells Edit

  • Spells have a variable DC based on the caster. See difficulty class for more information.
  • Saving throw bonuses/penalties versus spells occur not only when the spell saving throw type is used, but also against any standard spell or monster ability. Saves made after the initial script comes to completion (e.g. delayed command, lasting area of effect) will need to use the spell saving throw type to include these bonuses/penalties.

Notes Edit

  • A cap of +20 exists on saving throws increased (directly) by means of magical equipment, spells, or spell-like feats. Some (non-spell-like) feats — iron will, divine grace, and dark blessing — do not count towards this cap, while others — arcane defense and sacred defense — do. Indirect bonuses, such as from increasing the relevant ability, do not count towards this cap.
  • Automatic failure on saving throws can be disabled in nwnplayer.ini by setting the line Saving Throw Automatic Failure On 1=1 to =0.